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Who We Are

At Troyer Retirement, we understand that a strong retirement income strategy is the best way to help create your dream retirement. For four decades, residents of the tri-state area of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan have turned to Troyer Retirement for reliable retirement planning strategies and insights.

We understand the challenges that come with planning for a confident retirement. Every case is different, so we approach each one with a set of personalized solutions tailored to your individual needs. We want to give you the freedom to explore a wide range of financial solutions unavailable at traditional brokerage houses.

Pursuing a secure retirement future for you and your family doesn’t need to be a troublesome, tedious process. The financial professionals at Troyer Retirement can help you simplify your retirement journey and spend less time worrying about the market during your retirement years. You can count on Mark Troyer and his team for professional, friendly, and trustworthy financial and retirement advice.

Our Mission

We strive to help every retiree have a great retirement income, reduce their taxes, and enjoy their retirement years sooner rather than later. We work to ensure that no retiree ever loses their dignity by losing their life savings. We exist to guide retirees through their retirement journey with maximum growth and income, reduced risk, tax mitigation, and life fulfillment.

Why? Because we have found when these stresses are taken away from our clients, it allows our clients to live the retirement they have always dreamed of and give back to those that they can help. We help you so you can help others using the blessings you’ve been given.


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